AV32 – Order Management / BLECHCENTER

Complete Solution for Sheet Metal Processing

AV32-Auftragsverwaltung / BLECHCENTER - Komplettlösung für die Blechverarbeitung

What does the complete solution for sheet metal processing look like?

Quite simply: BLECHCENTER is a complete tool for your production control, as it links design with management via individual interfaces. Once CAD data has been entered, it is directly available in your ERP system, eliminating the need for duplicate entries. You only need one software package for planning, design, calculation, nesting and NC programming. All processes in the software are optimized for sheet metal processing.


All data is managed in a database and can be searched and combined according to various criteria. With efficient data management, our software supports you efficiently in optimizing your orders. The order is always in the foreground, so that different orders, optimized by material and thickness, can be nested on one sheet. You save time and costs! The finished data is then reported back and you always have an overview of your production and orders.


  • Sheet and offcut management
  • Manage and nest your production jobs
  • Optimal sheet utilization through efficient nesting
  • Combine many jobs from different customers to save time and money
  • Time savings throughout the order fulfillment process
  • Database connection to an MS SQL server
  • Individual form
  • Quality certification
  • Diverse integrable technology modules available
  • Individual interfaces to PPS systems
  • Increased revenue and significant set-up cost savings
  • Work across your whole network

The Order Management/BLECHCENTER is the interface between your company’s design and production departments. Our technology modules ncCAD32 or cncCUT together with the BLECHCENTER form a professional CAD/CAM unit.
Our CAM components feature automatic technology generation, i.e. cutting or punching paths with the corresponding NC code are generated at the click of a mouse.


  • Quick and easy creation of contours
  • Specially designed for sheet metal work
  • DXF/DWG import filters with error correction
  • User-oriented macro programming
  • Lead-in management and technology tables
  • Multi-torch cutting automatically or semi-automatically, with minimum offset
  • Common separating cuts
  • Cut beveled edges on machines with rotating heads
  • Read back NC programs as geometries