Your Machinery, Our ncCAD32 – A Great Team

With ncCAD32 you get a tailor-made CAD/CAM tool, that helps you achieve the utmost from your machinery. Our ncCAD32 modules are precisely matched to each other and to you.
Our programming solution is specialized for all types of sheet metal cutting technologies. We support all cutting methods, from punching/nibbling through plasma, waterjets and lasers to combi-machines. Our post-processors are specially adapted to your requirements to allow the optimal configuration for every user and machine.

Concept of ncCAD32 Nesting software

Your Advantages Summarized:

  • Machine-manufacturer independent CAD/CAM software.
  • Complete programming solution.
  • All-in-one: all technologies in one programming solution.
  • Optimal configuration, customized for each user using tailored post-processors.
  • Expandable with SHEET METAL CENTER Plus, amongst other modules.
  • Individual formulae.
  • Comprehensive lead-in management.
  • Create your own 2D CAD drawings.
  • Import DXF/DWG files, error-correct, and edit.
  • Many file converters for reading other file types available.
  • Time calculation using post-processor data.
  • Simulate your cutting paths.