cncCUT – Optional Modules

The Sketcher is an optional expansion module for cncCUT which offers you the possibility to edit existing DXF files, and create new drawings too.


Your Advantages Summarized:

  • Quick and easy preparation of designs.
  • Modify and expand macros.
  • Elementary drawing functions.
  • Use true-type fonts and texts for labeling.
  • Pattern and polar configurations.
  • Digitalize and vectorize your drawings.

Module for drilling, thread cutting and marking of holes.

Contour Cut: Cutting Small Inline Contours
Module for cutting small contours 1:1 up to 2:1 (material thickness: hole diameter). The contours, particularly the holes, are extremely high quality with smooth cut surfaces. The cut is quick and precise. A Kjellberg® power source is essential. This option requires a specific sheet database and postprocessor adjustments.

Fly Line: piercing on the fly
Module for machining inner contours. The inner contours are cut in one pass. The machining path is displayed graphically. This speeds up the process. This option requires program adjustments and as such is not available immediately.

Beveled Edges:
Module for creation of metal parts with beveled edges – naturally with an intuitive graphic representation of the edges and their transitions.

Quotation calculations for sheet metal parts, created using real data from your material database.. The job list gives an overview, allowing you to combine multiple jobs onto one sheet.

Metal Nets And Macros For Ventilation Ducting:
Our template parts for ventilation ducts offer a large selection of predefined and carefully designed and selected templates. You can also expand our standard macro selection using your own user-programmed macros, or macros from our expansion pack.