cncCUT-Basic – Control Panel

cncCUT: A Solution For Your Control Panel

cncCUT is optimized for use on your control panel, it can be installed directly on your machine’s CNC control.

cncCUT Steuerungsversion

  • Intuitive operation
  • Touchscreen and softkey support
  • Implement your own commands
  • Visually adapted including your own logos

IBE Software works with multiple prestigious control panel manufacturers, who use our software as the OEM interface. Our software is fully integrated with these control panels. The cncCUT Basic version can always be upgraded to the cncCUT Nest edition.

The control panel version distinguishes itself with its three variants. You can use the regular desktop version on your control panel, or leverage your machine’s touch screen and/or soft keys, all with one copy of cncCUT – no mouse required!