Macro Module Expansion

Conveniently create variants from components. We have expanded cncCUT’s much-loved Macro Module for you. You can now add over 90 optional macros to your selection.

Advantages im Überblick:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • User-friendly creation of chain-cuts
  • Standardized parts can be saved in different sizes

Macro Overview

Übersicht Makros 051 bis 67
Übersicht Makros 076 bis 100
Übersicht Makros 101 bis 117
Übersicht Makros 126 bis 142
Übersicht Makros 151 bis 162

Macro overview as a print version in PDF format for printing on DIN A4.

Individual macros for our programs

Do you require macros which are not included in the macro module? Let us know! We will program custom macros to your specifications. We offer macros for BLECHCENTER Plus, ncCAD32 and cncCUT.