ncNest – Nesting Software

Reduce Costs of MaterialThrough optimized material usage by our nesting software

Our nesting software ncNEST is freely combinable with our CAD/CAM products BLECHCENTER Plus, cncCUT and ncCAD32 nesting solution. There are many automated nesting methods, but our customers’ favorite is true-shape nesting. This allows cutting paths; DXF, DWG and other drawing formats; and your own IBE drawing files to be nested together in seconds. All technology data such as lead-in paths are transferred. Also, you can manually nest your workpieces.

Your Advantages Summarized:

  • Nest part-in-part.
  • Collision checks your lead-ins.
  • Nest on offcuts.
  • Varied parameters possible for each part (angle, pairing).
  • Varied parameters possible for each sheet (margin offset, orientation).
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