ncCAD32 – Punching Module

ncStanz Teil

The punching module of ncCAD32 allows one-click creation of punching paths, which can be manually adjusted if required. Optimization is easy using the practical overview of all punching and stamping paths.

ncCAD32 offers diverse recognition strategies for automatic conversion. Special punches are automatically considered. Punches which you have already assigned are recognized and reused. There is even recognition of complete procedures for repeating punch arrangements. All current punch procedures, combi-machines and disposal strategies are supported by our punch module.

Your Advantages Summarized:

  • Automatic technology creation including special punches.
  • Automatic recognition and conversion of part contours.
  • Automatic process recognition with repeating internal contours (holes).
  • Automatic tool allocation.
  • Automatic loading and unloading, e.g. Sheetmaster.
  • Various sorting algorithms.
  • Separating and triangular punches, plus Multitool and Wilsontool support.
  • Suport for all current disposal strategies (M-Stop, slides, Micro webbing, etc.).
ncStanz Punching

Our extensive tool database contains all possible tools and special punches. When automatically converting, ncCAD32 uses all tools from the database.