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ncNest OEM Maske

A powerful nesting engine is obligatory for any modern CAD/CAM application – but what if you don’t want to develop your own?
We have your solution! It’s simple: ncNest is a complete and comfortable nesting solution, optimized for integration in your existing application. Your customer receives our nesting engine’s power anonymously, through your user-interface.

How can you imagine our solution? It’s very simple: ncNest is a complete and convenient nesting solution and is optimized to be integrated into an existing application, i.e. your customers see your application and do not recognize who originally developed the nesting engine.

ncNest OEM Uebersicht

Your Advantages Summarized:

  • Sophisticated interface (DLL)
  • Field-proven many times over
  • Professional nesting module
  • Look & feel of your application is untouched
  • Various applications possible.

ncNest distinguishes itself by its two application variants. The nesting module can be used as an independent application where the user-interface elements are entirely integrated in your software, or the engine alone can be integrated as a subroutine within your application.

cncCUT cncCUT is optimized for use as a controller version, i.e. the software can be installed directly on a CNC controller.

Steuerungsversion cncCUT - Die Software kann direkt auf einer Steuerung benutzt werden

Your Advantages Summarized:

  • Intuitive operation
  • Touchscreen and softkey support
  • Implement your own commands
  • Visually adapted including your own logos

IBE Software works with multiple prestigious control panel manufacturers, who use our software as the OEM interface. Our software is fully integrated with these control panels. cncCUT version can always be upgraded to the cncCUT Nest edition.

The control panel version distinguishes itself with its three variants. You can use the regular desktop version on your control panel, or leverage your machine’s touch screen and/or soft keys, all with one copy of cncCUT – no mouse required!

In unserer Bildergalerie sehen Sie eine cncCUT-Version, die speziell für einen Steuerungshersteller angepasst wurde. Das Design und die Bedienung von cncCUT wurden an die Bedienung der Steuerung angepasst.

Many machine manufacturers already employ cncCUT as their CNC control panel’s CAM component. Many smaller control panel or tool manufacturers do not have their own simulation software nor the spare resources to create one.

cncCUT Steuerungsversion

We have created a solution with our product. In addition to the aforementioned advantages of running our software directly on the CNC controller, you can also integrate our simulation.

Your Advantages Summarized:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Make new lead-ins at any position
  • Communicate with your CNC control
  • Simulations in cncCUT also show idle travel paths
cncCUT Simulation

The simulation and its requirements are discussed with our development department and adapted to your needs. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.