IBE – CAD/CAM and Nesting Software for Sheet Metal Processing

We are a manufacturer of programming software (cncCUT) with different nesting solutions for cutting processes such as laser, water jet, plasma and oxyfuel cutting, mainly for the sheet metal processing industry.
In addition, with the BLECHCENTER we offer a management program that sorts orders (parts) according to material and sheet thickness, nests them and transmits them to production in conjunction with the CAM module

IBE Software successfully develops and markets CAD/CAM and nesting software and offers components for sheet metal processing compatible with all machinery manufacturers. The product range comprises the independently developed CAD/CAM packages ncCAD32 and cncCUT. ncCAD32 combines cutting (ncSCHNEID) and punching (ncSTANZ) in one package and enables the programming of combination machinery. cncCUT is a slim-line and extremely user-friendly cutting solution. BLECHCENTER Plus covers jobs and parts management. Depending on requirements and budget, our team of experts can put together a complete package to handle your operations. And should the products not suit you precisely, interfaces can be programmed individually to incorporate your special requirements and operational processes.
Alongside end-customer business, we offer machinery manufacturers OEM packages, the OEM Nesting Engine, the OEM Control Version and the OEM Simulation, an.

Schachtelsoftware cncCUT Schachtelengine, Schneiden, CAD/CAM
  • Very good high-performance nesting routines, to place workpieces perfectly on a table.
  • Holistic and comprehensive management of all aspects of sheet metal processing.
  • Individual and customised CAD/CAM solutions.
  • Individual Programming.
  • Complete solutions from CAD to CAM to PPS.
  • Compatible with all machinery manufacturers.
  • Precise and high-performance calculations.
  • IBECADImport for reading and amending drawings.
  • Technological expertise and support for all current technologies (e.g. laser cutting, plasma cutting, gas cutting and water jet cutting, punching/ nibbling, drilling, bevel cutting etc.).
  • And lots more! We would be pleased to tell you more!

Advantage Through Technological Capability

A dynamic and dedicated team, we have over 30 years of experience in offering software products and services to the sheet metal industry.
We develop integrated software solutions for our customers, giving optimisation of your production processes top priority. Leverage us as your advantage in pre-production!

Naturally, our solutions cover all standard CAD/CAM functions. Above and beyond this, we also cover all areas from sheet metal design to file and job management and production control. We efficiently support you in managing and optimizing your jobs, sheets and deadlines, from the first quotation right through to delivery.

  • IBE Software Offers Many Benefits:
  • Tailor-made customer-specific solutions.
  • Comprehensive and extensive support.
  • Technological capability and compatibility with all relevant technologies.
  • Machine-manufacturer independence.
  • Complete solution from CAD through CAM to PPS.