ncNEST – Nesting Solutions

ncNest: Your Guarantee Of Optimized Nesting Plans

ncNest is a program for creating nesting plans. The software uses our proven intuitive user interface and offers comprehensive functionality. ncNest supports your efforts to get the most from your materials by automatically optimizing your nesting plans. Every nesting plan can be manually fine-tuned after creation. When making your purchase you can license your preferred combination of our three automatic nesting strategies and one manual, tailoring your package to your production needs. Nesting plans can also be printed, or saved as DXF files.

Your Advantages Summarized:

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Export plans as DXF files.
  • Optimal material utilization.
  • Fully-automated or manual nesting.

The Nesting Methods

ncNest offers the following optional nesting strategies:

  • Grid nesting
  • True-shape nesting
  • Parquet nesting
  • Manual nesting

We offer three automatic nesting strategies which can each be user-parameterized to give the results you need. All automatically created nesting plans can also be fine-tuned by hand.