Controlling the use of machines in production

The BLECHCENTER Plus is modularly expandable:
Control your production optimally with machine allocation and night operation from order management

Machine assignment

BLECHCENTER Plus - Die Maschinenbelegung zeigt die Auslastung der Maschinen.

The machine allocation provides you with a convenient overview of the allocation and utilization of all machines. The machine allocation is a schedule with the exact production time of your orders. Each machine is displayed in a separate tab. The production time is displayed in color-coded bars. The color immediately indicates whether the order can still be produced on time. The timeline can be adjusted as required using a slider. The production times or production sequence can be changed at any time.

Night operation

Many companies produce in several shifts. In order to minimize the effort required during the night shift, nested panels can be moved from production to night operation. For night operation, several panels are put together and combined into a single NC program, which can then be run in night operation with less effort than usual.

Part Marking


Multi-line labeling of your individual parts and plates including logo possible.